After the Funeral” - Pot Luck Flash Fiction 

The Butcher” - Dark Things

Check Out” - Aftermath:Stories of Secrets and Consequences

Dirt in the Shadows” - Literary Foray

Frontier Gentleman: One Card Draw” - It’s That Time Again! New Stories of Old Time Radio

Harvest Slow Dance” - Dreamspell Revenge

Killer Shift” - First printed in Tales from the Cash Register

"Killer Shift" - Reprinted in Voices from Today’s Magazines

Night Vision” - Comes the Night

Nobody Cares” - Who Died in Here? 

Specialty of the House” - Back to the Middle of Nowhere: More Horror in Rural America

A Thouand Injuries” - Twisted Love

The Tunnel to Hell” - Twisted Cat Tales

​“The Two-Ton Turtle of Tattler's Terrace” - The Mammoth Book of Tales from the Road: Tales of Life on the Move 


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Short Fiction: Anthologies

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​"How a Guy Gains Wisdom" - Rat's Ass Review


Devlin’s Crossing Police Chief Patrick Morgan wants nothing more than a quiet 1945 holiday season for his city, but it’s not to be. A shell-shocked soldier comes to him to ask for help in finding the woman he married before shipping out, a woman who has never lived at the address he’s been sending his pay, and his love. 
When an Ohio businessman comes looking for his son and new daughter-in-law at the same address, a chain of events involving murder and emotional and financial scams unfolds and engulfs families—including Morgan’s, whose daughter and father become victims of the con artists. What starts as a simple desire to help a confused veteran turns into a personal vendetta for the chief, leading him to some of the less savory parts of the county and a conclusion that will haunt him long after the final arrest.


September, 1945. The war is over and Devlin’s Crossing, Wisconsin hosts a massive street celebration, but police chief Patrick Morgan, plagued by memories of his son, buried somewhere in Europe, isn’t celebrating.  The party ends in the murder of wealthy outcast Carter Fairfax, shot in the alley behind his burlesque. The investigation unearths secrets best left buried and upends lives throughout town as Morgan strives to bring justice home.  



Initial Success” - Indy’s Child

​“Geometric Rhapsody” – The Story Pub

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Audio Productions

“A Choice of Victims”

“Havencroft’s Secret”

“The Five W’s of Murder”

“Solutions by Hellinger”

 “Welcome to Havencroft”

“The Radio Review Revue”

“The Whistler: Promoted to Death”

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Short Fiction: Magazines

The CallVine Leaves Literary Journal

“Beautiful Duckling” - Hoodz Magazine

“The Best is Yet to Be” - Mystery Time Magazine

“Experience Required” - Lunatic Chameleon

“Good Cop/Bad Cop” - Criminal Class Review

“An Honest Gentleman” - The Strand

“The Luckiest Woman in the World” - Mystery Time Magazine

“A Normal Life” - Up Dere

“A Perfect Ten” - The Strand

“The Pursuit of Happiness” - Prose Ax

“Secret Desire” - Yellow Sticky Notes

“Showdown at Billy Bob's Buffalo Bungalow” - My Legacy

“The Tomorrow Tree” - Spinning Whorl

“Fish out of Water” – Beautiful Losers

“Happily Ever After” – 101 Words

“The Spotlight” – Better than Starbucks